I am working on a project where my client want me to design a website and integrate it with Jira.

I will be designing website with 4-5 pages.
Setup Jira on his computer as he is planning to host it himself along with website.
Backup Jira from his existing hosting service and restore it on his computer.
And also implement SSL.

Total work timeline is of around 10-12 days, to design website, search for solutions and minimum 3 days to setup everything on his computer.

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And please suggest according to Indian markets.

Guys it will be helpful if you suggest within 6 hours.

Why does a 4-5 page Jira website take 12 days to complete? Full days? I would think a couple hundred bucks.

Website will be in joomla and jira is like sharepoint used for project tracking etc.
And as you can guess this is my first time I am working with jira and setting up website on PC. And it will not be 12 full working days but I just wanted to be on safer side as there are too many things to make them work together.

Any suggestions on one year maintenance charges?

In IT, my experience is that maintenance is generally 15-18% of the initial investment.

Hi jorgeM,
I was asking how much I should charge for the annual maintenance.

Yes I thought I understood you. Generally the maintenance would be a percentage of the initial job.

Say you build a solution. Well you would charge them maintenance and give them rights to upgrade as long as they pay for maintnenance.

This doesn't apply if your initial job is only based on your time. And your concept is to continue to charge based on time. In that case, you tell them what your rate is and your charge them based on time and materials.

I think it is little different case than what you are suggesting but I got your point. I am in discussion on other forum with a guy who have experience with jira.

LOL I don't know why I thought Jira was a CMS for some reason. I've definitely heard of it!

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