hi , I'm in Asia Pacific zone. Sri lanka. I planed to buy
n620c compaq laptop. But the prices are seems to be
very high. Their price is near 440 $. Second hand but
they promise me to give the brand new battery for the
same price. Is that worth ? Please tell me.

I did google search and found ,

so it's like 1/2 price of the $440. what should I do ? how to contract
the HP compaq customer support on this issue ? I want to inform this
to compaq customer care center. may be they are keeping too much
money as the profit.

please help me , and I want to play linux with that computer and
any idea about hardware support on this computer . playing
with linux means compile the kernel and kernel development.
well a serial port of debugging I have searched it already there.

come on geeks somebody be kind to share info.

tell me is that valid of that price or not ?
I'm going to buy it today.

Pleaseeeeeee ......

oky guys , I finaly brought the Dynabook 2010.
Really cool.and worth for that price .It is near 260 $ and
with winxp also. and 883 MHz too. And got enough battery life
and got a backup battery also.

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