Hopefully this isn't the time-old question, and we can get some new input here..

I've lsted some of the most common email providers (which have their own chat services) and I would like to know what the Intelligent people choose as their service-of-choice. I'm looking to upgrade from Hotmail/MSN to something more sucure and more sophisticated, if possible. MSN sucks. Hotmal is a beast.

Please participate in my pool and laeve any comments that cross your mind!


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Its a tough choice really. I have an msn account (with around 6,000 unviewed emails), I have around 5 gmail accounts for various things, I use MSN messenger sometimes, and I have 2 aim accounts. For email Gmail is the way to go, I have never used Ghat and dont plan to anytime soon. The spam filters are alright but if your actively telling it what is spam and what is not they do a good job better than hotmail or yahoo. For chat I would have to say Aim because it is the most popular, but I wouldnt use the aim client I would either use GAIM which is opensource or Trillian because it has MSN in it too. I dont know what Napster has to do with these last I knew they sold music.


For chat I use WLM only. None of my friends have an AIM account, and I like the interface of WLM very much. Nobody I know chats in Google chat either. Since I don't use yahoo messenger, contacts who do are missing a lot. :cheesy:

For important email, I use either the office email account or the email address of my phone (makes checking easier and fast). All the gmail, msn, or yahoo accounts are really meant for places where I need an email account to register. For various forums with a huge quantity of emails a day, I use the gmail service obviously because of the large inbox capacity. Otherwise it would not make much difference which service I use. But since I use the WLM , I prefer the hotmail account because I get the notification of the registration email, and I am taken to the required email with a mouse click.

So my pair of choice will be "Gmail-MSN" or "hotmail-MSN"


Out of all IM clients i have tried,i like AIM the best (5.5.3598ca)

However,i liked IM2 also (V1.5) which i tried but havent switched to it yet (Uninstalled it for now)


Firstly, AIM and ICQ should *not* be grouped together. ICQ is ****. As for AIM ... the 5.x series, Triton, and AIM Pro series are all very unique. I'm an AIM Pro'er myself.


GMail by far beats all the others in terms of Webmail/POP access, with a 2.7 GB inbox... can't ask much more than that.

Google Talk, however, isn't as great. For some reason, I find that buddy icons never transfer (maybe due to the fact that I use Adium).

Probably the biggest reason that I use MSN is because all my buddies use it. I'm pretty well forced to use it, because very few people I know use AIM or Google Talk (and those that do always have an MSN account). So, for instant messaging, it's MSN for me.


I actually use Trillian Basic for chatting, that is, I use MSN msngr and AIM simultaneously (I would use YAHOO, but yahoo decided they hated me. I can't login to my old account, but I can't make a new account with that name, either. I need scissors! 61!)

For mail, I have always used MSN. I have two, maybe three hotmail accounts.

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