I usually have no trouble with sites, but i need some help making a PHP chat room for a website. Nitto1320(the game), www.kirbynos.tk thats the site so far and the other is www.gotglitch.com I know downloading all the PhP stuff is required but it seems on the confusing side for me. Yes, you can consider me noob material when it comes to php,lol. If anyone could help out or make a forum, or chat room for me. Please let me know...i would really appreciate it.

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A forum is easy as long as you don't want to make one from scratch yourself, they can become extremely complicated.

Just download Invision Power Board, phpBB, XMB Forum, Buring Board, or another forums script like them and install them.

personally if your looking for a large site and want ease of administration i can suggest vBulletin but it is a paid solution :)

I think that IB is a very good alternative compated to the others, it just gets confusing when you start to download it

While this goes against my general feelings about it, you'd be well advised to steer clear of phpBB for a while, because it's rather outdated and lacks features such as subfora that most other board software has supported for a while. (Though, a new version is close to completion that will offer those kind of features and more besides, and obviously old versions are upgradable).

So is wBB1, you have to pay for wBB2. wBB hasn't really been updated since wBB2 was released so your best leaving that allown as well.

thanks for the help, invision board and phpBB are what im looking for. Ill download it tonight and if i need any help about installing it and uploading it onto a site.

All hail vBulletin! :D :p

how many of these boards are free. i would like to switch my board from phpbb but i dont want to spend any money :)

Then I suggest Invision I suppose :)

phpBB isn't that bad as well.

If its possible, can anyone help me with my site? I have it through www.digital-alliance2.com Everything comes with it. I just need basic help with my site. I need to upload a php chat and add text to my site. I have a templete uploaded, I know you have to upload the text too .index but it always messes up in someway. So if anyone could help me with it let me know ! :)

out of the list you only pay for vBulleting and wBB2, but you can still get Inversion, XML Board and wBB1 free although I don't know of the support from swithing from one board to another

Ragnarok your signature image filesize is HUGE.

if i were you, i would pay for profesional design.

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