hey guys i am still in school and am not much of a hacker... yet
but i was wondering if you guys coul tell me how i can get past a firewall to veiw myspace and much more well thanx guy talk later

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Remember, this site does not discuss illegal things here. Hacking not only breaks into other computers, it also breaks the law. And you can face severe civil penalties if you get caught.


*ahem* this isn't hacking we're talking about; it is Cracking. Please don't confuse the two, because the term Hacker is becoming a more positive thing in recent times. It denotes a sort of specialist.

(Sorry, a little off-topic, but this is a big thing for a lot of people)

However, I would agree. Don't come to a place like this blatently asking for advice on something illegal. Keep yourself clean until you are a little less at risk, man. Just think of probation for 7 years without being able to use a computer, or even a touch-tone telephone.



With knowledge --> power --> responsibility.

It is unethical to circumvent the firewall in place at your institution. Once you mature, you will understand why.

I used to IT consult in educational facilities, and I remember seeing user agreements between the students and the staff for internet access. Perhaps you had to sign one too. Working your way around a firewall would be a violation of that agreement.

Closing thread, as I don't want to get into an ethics discussion here, and I don't want to give someone a chance to illegally assist you.


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