Okay, I can't find a site where I can Download Music Safely for no cost if you have any sites please post!!! I just got a new sound card. Installed everything, and it worked but when I Shut my computer down or I restart it or even put it in sleep mode the sound uninstalls itself... so whenever I turn it on I have to reinstall it. Do you have any answers!!!

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I use BearShare. They use Advertising but it's not obnoxious. As far as your other question, maybe if you put it in a seperate Catagory, you'll get more responses. A good place to start would be the Web site of the Manufactuer.

Use Kazaa Lite++ to download free music, it's illegal so use it at your own risk. In general if someone offers free music is most likely illegal. As far as your sound card problem, try to install the drivers for it manually by going into Control Panel/System/Device Manager Click on your sound card properties and reinstall the drivers again. I had same problem before when I used Win 98Se and it worked.
Also, it is a good idea to follow the directions as they are shown in your sound card manual!

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