Hey guys, I've been having problems connecting to live feeds/streams that use Flash Player and JavaScript integrated setups, such as sites with live cam/video chat rooms.
It would appear that something is blocking the feed.
But the strange part is that I have no problem loading sites that use Flash Player, such as Google Video.
and I can run sites using JavaScript, such as standard chat rooms.
We have done everything we could think of, such as un-installing and reinstalling Flash Player 9 and Java Script.
clearing cache and cookies, changing settings, changing Firewall settings, shutting down Firewall, all with no results.
So we figured possibly there was a corrupt windows file, So we completely reformatted the hard drives, and reinstalled windows XP.
Tried it without SP2 or any Firewall of any kind.
Results would not change. Have tried several versions of Flash Player, and Java Script. No change.
We have done everything you could imagine, and it still won't connect to any of the live feeds/streams that run off Flash Player 9 and would appear to integrated with JavaScript.
All this started to happen about 5-8 Days ago. The sites will just say connecting, and fail to ever connect.
Flash Player is up to date with version 9, And JavaScript is up to date with version 1.6.0.
I have tried it in Firefox/2.0, Opera/9.10, and Internet Explorer 7. no change.
So I tried it on three other computers (Using the same ISP) one running windows 98, and the others using XP. all have different firewalls, and settings. And still get connecting, and the connection fails after a couple minutes.
I have tried it on several different sites using this kind of setup, all with the same results. T
he strange thing is it worked fine until a couple of days ago, then it just stopped working, at this time there was no updates made to anything (Manual or Auto) it just stopped working out of the blue.
I have contacted a few of the sites Tech Support, And they can't find anything on there side. And they have no idea what after all of that could still be causing it.
So I figured, I tried everything we could think of on my side, and they can't find any problems on there side. I figured the next route to take would be to check my ISP. So I contacted them, And they are also stumped they haven't blocked any ports for awhile now, And have no idea why it just stopped working about a week ago. So hopefully you guys might know what could possibly be causing this problem. And told me to try to find a forum where someone may have encountered the same problems, So here I am.

Here is an example of the site: http://www.ivideochat.com/main.php But I have tried 10-15 sites with the same Flash Player with JavaScript integrated setup with the same results. Connecting... Connecting... Connecting... Connection failed.

Anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

strange, i tried the link you said and worked fine for me, it looks like a popular website and proberly doesnt have the sort of server power used by the likes of AOL's AIM or microsoft's msn, which could be another reason, is it only when you try to stream video or video and audio, if so try and stream some radio www.heart1062.co.uk

dazza :cool:

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