Hey guys! Just what you've been waiting for ... You can now specify a language within your code bbcode to use syntax highlighting just like in our code snippet library.

For example ... Just do [code=c] ...

printf("Hello World\n");

Additionally, you can use the noparse bbcode when you don't want bbcode to be parsed. For example ... [b]Hi[/b] ... notice that wasn't parsed into bold despite a matching close tag and no funky spaces thrown in.

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If I may humbly suggest a few visual suggestions, though:

comments in green
"Strings" and 'characters' in blue
Numbers in dark blue
Keywords in bold purple (no underline)
All else is black
C/C++ functions don't need to be colored, but if they are, use a dark color like maybe dark red

All the colors should be of a similar intensity. The switch from the keyword-yellow to function-underline/blue is too striking.

I also notice in the [code=c] section, there is no formatting displayed in the edit window. I assume that's just a glitch, but I thought I'd at least point it out, just in case.

Also, is there a possibility to close up the gap between lines just a tad -- at least as a test? I'd like to see a little less space and a little more code. Instead of 1.5 spacing maybe 1.25.

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Or how about 1.00...

But WaltP's colors are all wrong. Yours are better. (Mine are the best. No you can't have them :P)

I know! Let's through obscure languages at the feature!

factorial 0 = 1
factorial n = n * factorial (n - 1)

It doesn't look like you have Haskell highlighting yet.

((call/cc call/cc)
 (lambda (f)
   (display "Hello, world!")
   (f f)))

Well at least you have Scheme. But the highlighting is broken, since it treats display and newline like keywords, when they're just built-in procedures.


I would like to see this:

    This is text

And this:

This text is allready toggled

And of course, a list of supported syntaxes on the Help with Code Tags page.

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