Hi every body, i was reading reviews on the g5 and i wanted to know which is better :?:

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Better at what? What are you using the processors for?

Personally I'd go for a Sun UltraSparc if I could afford a G5. They cost about the same and are real Unix systems which are just perfect for Java development.

If I wanted it for image processing I'd likely go for the G5 or P4, they're both good at it, and you'd get better value for money with the P4.

For gaming the Mac and UltraSparc are pretty much useless.

As a fashion statement you can't beat the Mac.

To create Windows applications there's only one choice really, and it's not the same choice as for creating Mac applications.

Im using the processer for gaming.

AMD executes more instructions per cycle, which means it doesn't need to be as fast as P4's.

Advanced Micro Devices all the way.

I personally have a PM which I really like. I can play any game I want with just a 1.5ghz PM processor.

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