Us, together, we can make a difference in our world.

World destruction, your life's worth nothing.

Matters ? Hmm..shouldn't it be mattresses.

Mattresses is relative to Matthew -> Matt -> Matty----> connections in everything around..

Around the world tour - that's what I'm planning to do.

Do what you will-- I shall be waiting here.

Here is the place where you will find your rest.

Rest your worries, all will be fine.

Fine, go to the party -- just be back by midnight!!!

Midnight is when I am fully operational.

Operational specs will tell you what to do.

Excellence..or was it excellent ?

Work is great if you love it.

It is essential to become a better person every day you live.

Live and let live.

Live and let die.

Die and let live.. ;)

Lat time I checked, time did not exist.

Exist for a reason.

Reason is logical, as treason is disloyal.

Disloyal is a good word.

Word is an annoying microsoft programe.

Program for program, I would rather use Microsoft anyday than anything Linux.

Linux is growing.

Growing plants are very interesting to observe.

Observe the ancient truths and diregard the superstitions of works and acts.