I have developed an Opengl based desktop game and wish to publish it in net. I want to host the final setup/installer of the game which is around 150mb, so that anyone can download it from the link. Can anyone please recommend services that offer free publishing of such applications?
I'd also like to know about any procedures related to publishing indie applications, places to get rating and support for them, means to spread the word etc.

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Answers to a few questions might give enough information for myself or someone else to be able to help you...

1) What are your intentions/goals with the game?
2) Is it open source or closed source?
3) For sale or free?


@jLocke- Im a newbie in the game programming field, only having the little experience of some basic OpenGL coding from college project. So i took some time learning and building a little game project mostly based on online articles and tutorials frm lighthouse3d, nehe, swiftless tutorials etc.Learned to import and render 3dsmax models on the run, so ambitously and quite stupidly i expanded the project, building a 3d environment using some very badly implemented code written in few weeks.But i've finally managed to put everything together and its a mess.The idea was to use the project to get into the game industry.

That is a video of the game environment during early stages of developement.I apologize for the bad frame rate of the video.

Im planning to put the completed game in net in a week,and yes for free,though i doubt if anyone's gonna seriously check it out.I was just looking for some information about what i should do with it next.

@JackLittle01- Thank you. i'll let you know after i put up the installer in net.

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there is a program called desura which is like steam or there is indiedb.com , hope that helps

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