Here's my code for a Hangman game I'm developing:

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

const char *const Words[]={"America", "Barrack", "country", "doctors","salamat"};
#define NWORDS (sizeof Words/sizeof (char *))
int main()

  const char *toguess=Words[0];
  char guess[15] = "       ";

  int numguesses = 1;
  char ch;
  string str1;
  string str2; //

  string mychars("");

  unsigned wordno=1;

  std::cout << "Welcome to Hangman!\nRaymund is to be executed for a crime he committed.\nTo save him, you need to guess any of the five words provided by the judge.\nYou are given only 15 tries to solve any of the 5 words.\nGoodluck!\n\nNow enter a number to select the word to guess[1.." << NWORDS << "]: ";
  cin >> wordno;
  toguess = Words[wordno-1];

  bool playing = true;

  while (playing)

      cout << "Enter your guess:" ;
      cin >> ch;
      if (0>ch>5)
      cout << "Choose only a number from 1 to 5!" << endl;
      else (1<=ch=<5)
       mychars = mychars + ch;
       cout << "Your wrong guesses so far: " << mychars << endl;
       cout << endl;

      const char *tp ;
      char *gp;
      for (tp=toguess, gp=guess;*tp; tp++, gp++) {
    if(ch == *tp)

      str1 = toguess;
      str2 = guess;

      for(gp=guess; *gp; gp++)
    cout << *gp << " ";
      cout << endl;
      for(int i=1; i <= str1.length();i++)
    cout << "- ";
      cout << endl;

      if ( str1==str2)
      cout << "Conrats! You got it right!" << endl ;
      playing= false;


      numguesses = numguesses + 1;

      if (numguesses>15)

            <<"   +----+     "<<endl
            <<"   |    |     "<<endl
            <<"   |    O     "<<endl
            <<"   |   /|\\   "<<endl
            <<"   |   / \\   "<<endl
            <<"   |You ran out of guesses! "<<endl
            <<"  ============"<<endl<<endl;
    } // else
    } // else
    } // loop

  cout << " Thanks for playing! " << endl;

  return 0;

I want to add something in this part

   mychars = mychars + ch;
   cout << "Your wrong guesses so far: " << mychars << endl;
   cout << endl;

such that I can count the number of tries left by the player. My plan is to count the letters in mychars then store that number in a variable and subtract the variable from 15. I wonder if that's right? Also, is my code generally OK? Thanks for the help!

see its mine code...its bit easy

using namespace std;
void drawing(int draw);
int main()
{   string theword;
    int randword;
    string words[22]={"fat","bat","mat","sat","dad","lad","cat","mom","bun","sun","fun","run","rat","tom","cop","mop","man","van","hat","red","app","sap"};
    int draw=1;
    string ans;
    for(int i=0;i<22;i++)
    }cout<<"\t\t\t\tWelcome To Hangman\n";
    cout<<"The word list is:\nfat\tbat\tmat\tsat\tdad\tlad\tcat\tmom\tbun\tsun\tfun\trun\trat\ttom\tcop\tmop\tman\tvan\that\tred\tapp\tsap\n";
    cout<<"\nguess the right word\n";
{   drawing(draw);
    cout<<"\n\nguess the word:\n";
    {cout<<"\n\nCongratulations!!! You guessed my word.\n\n"<<endl;
    {   cout<<"\n\nTry it out again\n\n";
}return 0;
}void drawing(int draw)
    {   cout<<"\t _________\n\t|\t |\n\t|\t O \n\t|\t/|\\\t\t\n\t|\t |\n\t|\t/ \\ \n\t|__";
    }else if(draw==2)
    {cout<<"\t _________\n\t|\t |\n\t|\t O \n\t|\t/|\\\t\t\n\t|\t |\n\t|\t/  \n\t|__";
    }   else if(draw==3)
    {cout<<"\t _________\n\t|\t |\n\t|\t O \n\t|\t/|\\\t\t\n\t|\t |\n\t|\t \n\t|__";
    }else if(draw==4)
    {cout<<"\t _________\n\t|\t |\n\t|\t O \n\t|\t/|\\\t\t\n\t|\t \n\t|\t\n\t|__";
    }   else if(draw==5)
    {cout<<"\t _________\n\t|\t |\n\t|\t O \n\t|\t/|\n\t|\t \n\t|\n\t|__";
    }else if(draw==6)
    {cout<<"\t _________\n\t|\t |\n\t|\t O \n\t|\t/\t\n\t|\t \n\t|\t \n\t|__";
    }   else if(draw==7)
    {cout<<"\t _________\n\t|\t |\n\t|\t O \n\t|\t\t\t\n\t|\t \n\t|\n\t|__";
}else if(draw==8)
{cout<<"\t _________\n\t|\t |\n\t|\t  \n\t|\t\n\t|\t \n\t|\n\t|__";
cout<<"\n\nshit!!!...u r hanged\n\n";
cout<<"\n ok u can try once for the peace of his sole!!!...XD\n";
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