Thoughtfulness is just a form of brown nosing

Nosing out the occult is DIVINATION...

DIVINATION is good for all

People evolved from primates

Poop is a nice way of sayin S*i*

Profanity should not be restricted as it is freedom of speech..

Speech class should be mandatory for some students.

Students, like me, ironically took speech online.

Online classes are pretty neat.

(I've heard about that... do you not have to make any speeches?)

Neat, they sure are b/c you don't have to get off your lazy but!

yea, we had to give a speech in front of at least 6 people or in front of the teacher as our final. I did crappy and improved it, but still ended up w/ a 95

I think some1 in my class even took PE online.. lol

But or butt? ;) <- That's my sentence btw.

P.E. ?? Now that's ridiculous lol.

whoops, forgot the last 't'.

Butt is synonymous to Buttocks.

haha.. yea it is, the lazy bum.

Buttocks and gluteus maximus mean the same thing.

Thing and Thang are not the same.

Same actions bring forth same consequences.

"Consequences" is a word unknown to Paris Hilton.

Though she is evil, her parents are nice.

(I don't really know if this is true lol..)


Nice people are easy to communicate with.

"With" is a preposition, and should not be used to end sentences.