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It works because the brain has a preconceived notion as to what the human face looks like, and when it sees something like that, it gets very confused because it isn't what it expects.


Cool, but apparently my brain doesn't work like that, because I didn't get dizzy.. maybe these nightmares are finally having a positive effect.


Spiffy, though I think my new glasses will have to be a little stronger thanks to that...

*focus comes back*

...never mind. >_>


I got dizzy for a second, but after looking at it closely it just wore off.

Nice find though.


I don't get it. I see the double eyes and mouth... but nothing happens. It doesn't really make me dizzy; the only thing that confuses me is why everyone else (except for lolhacker) find it so hard to look at.


Billy: It's...it's moving!
Dad: Don't be so silly, Billy. It'd go off the edge of the screen
Billy: But...you can see it move!
Dad: This, Billy, is known as a paradox. Just ignore it and it won't bother you.
Billy: *poke*
Paradox: Rarrgh! *chomp*



Nice! How do they make it look like the guy is moving? Is it simply the change from negative to normal that does that, or is the second frame changed aside from the colors?

I just checked. There are 4 frames. Frame 1 and 2 move him forward just a bit. Frame 3 and 4 are duplicates with reverse color.


The last link was on digg the other day. So it is actually moving? That is very cool. Has anyone tried to make one before?

BTW. How did you find out what was happening on each frame?


I dont think any of them are moving......

It just shifts the light patterns round to make it seem like they are....

Very Kewl :)

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