Hi there ppl
I'm a mum of 5, married to the greatest man on earth. ;):)I have a passions with projects on the computer and cant sleep until I have conquered all. Here is hoping that I can get the help that I need from some ppl in here to help me conquer my latest project.

Hello and welcome to DaniWeb. I didn't realise we had met, let alone got married though :)

I got a welcome to the site message from you. didnt realise that I had sent an email to you. I thought I had put in my intro that everyone could see. I totally dont know where I am heading around this site. do you happen to know anything about burning ppt to dvd that is compatible on lounge room dvd player. I saw that someone on here uses GeoVid, but I cant find them again now. talk about a confusing site.

You didn't send an email to me, you posted into the community introductions forum (where you are now) that everyone can, indeed, see. Including me, and I replied to welcome you again here.

To find your way around the site you can use the drop down navigation menus which are organised by broad category such as web development, tech talk etc, and then drill down to the most appropriate forum.

Alternatively, use the search box to find postings relating directly to the problem you are having. More often than not someone has asked the question already, and the answers have been posted. Try searching for GeoVid, for example.

With regard to that PowerPoint question, try asking over in the Windows Software forum.

Honestly, take a little time to read the welcome guide and you should find that this is far from a confusing site.