Hello Everybody !

My name is Danny.

I want to ask for your help and opinion about something..
I have decided to learn Computer science \ Programming
currently i live in Bulgaria, but as we know a diploma from a Bulgarian university is not worth like a diploma from England..
so here comes my question:
In 2007 (the new year) Bulgaria will be added to the European-Union and will be part of it.
Can i go freely to England and learn there ? (in some university)
If the answer is yes, please tell me how it can be done exactly

(What will i need to get in the university, documents and so on..)

Every pice of information will be very appreciated!

Yours, Danny.

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Hi again, i have some more questions :)

First question:
I've been told that the Tuition fees in Germany are Free of charge and that there is alot of courses thought in english, is it possible for me to go and learn free in Germany ?

Second part of the question is:
Can i go and learn in Canada ?
I've heard that the price is reasonable and that i only need a good graduate-diploma and to past a test in english.. is it true ?
what is the process that i need to go through ?

I will be glad to hear your opinions. :!:


I don't know much about foreign people studying in the UK, but have you tried checking the university websites? For example, my local university has this section http://www.staffs.ac.uk/overseas/index.php with links on the left containing information for prospective overseas students.

Most universities in the UK have the town/city followed by .ac.uk - eg. www.oxford.ac.uk www.manchester.ac.uk www.edinburgh.ac.uk I'm sure most of them would have some information that can help you. Good luck if you do decide to study abroad, lots of people do it (especially in the major cities) so you wouldn't be alone! :)


by the way tuitions fees vary throughout the uk. e.g very very low cost if you want to study in scotland but you have to pass an entrance exam for a lot of places.


where is staffordshire?

i have no grasp of georaphy whatsoever.....

Between Birmingham and Manchester :)


Tuition in Germany isn't free, certainly not for foreigners.

German citizens may get sharply reduced fees, maybe even free education (except for books, etc.), but that's not really free as it's paid for out of astronomically high income taxes (like in many other EU countries) their parents (and maybe they themselves) pay.

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