I'm currently working on a ATM program wherein a 3.5 floopy diskette would serves as the card of the user. this diskette has a program wherein it has a account number and a password.

And when the user inserted a diskette, he will be instructed to input his password and when the password is the same,a menu will appear and choose what kind of transaction he would like to do.
my problem in my program is this::

I don't know how to compare the password inputted by the user whether it tallies with the password of inserted diskette. I think that i need to use a file pointer but i don't know how! i just know how to read and write using the file pointer. can anyone help me?!!!

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Post the code you've begun to develop, and please use code tags.

By posting your starting attempt, at least we can know whether you are using C or C++ since you didn't mention it.

well i'm using C in this program.

well i'm using C in this program.

Saying that won't help unless you show what you have tried till now.

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