I lurked a long time, then finally registered a couple of months ago; then I lurked some more. But the time has come ...

HI! My name's Ken and I've been surgically attached to one or another computer since around 1979 when I bought my Bran' Spankin' New Commodore-64 (64KB RAM, 0 non-volatile storage--until the 4MB external HDD was shipped--and a dreamy 12-in composite/RGB monitor). (Note: For those of you under, ohhh, 35, just LOOK again at those specs! Sheeesh!! It's hard to believe ...). On then to PCs and Windows 3.1, an Apple SE-30 Macintosh, then back to Windows for Pentium 1-4). Now I've added a PowerBook-G4 to a trusty, fully maxed-out Dell Dimension 4500 (read: "OLD!!")

I have experience with hardware & networks, software apps (productivity, utilities); programming in (hang on!) Fortran, Basic, Pascal, Visual Basic (then .NET), C++ & Java; some Web design (X/HTML, CSS, Javascript, teentsy bit of Perl, and XML/Mozilla XUL). I've spent a lot of time teaching others, somewhat less time doing contracting/consulting (i.e., making any money at this stuff!).

I wax lyrical not to impress anyone (I suspect I wouldn't anyway--more likely bore), but only to explain that my tech experience is, as they say, "About a mile wide and an inch deep." A situation I regret and am actively trying to correct. This site and its forums have been incredibly helpful to me: straightforward explanations, a "no question is too stupid" ethic, and a topic list that almost matches my background!

I know I'll learn a lot here (already have). I hope maybe I can help out a few others too.


Hello there my all rounder friend, welcome to Daniweb. :D

I'm sure your technical experience will be much-appreciated here. Glad to have you.