Hi there,

Well, I guess it's about time I do this.

He won't stop playing one particular video game no matter how many times I delete it from his computer, or he agrees to stop or limit his time, so I need to control the entire computer & if I can give him access to only certain areas where he may need things for school, that would be much better.

First, how do I p/w protect the entire computer?

I've had people do it for me, but I've never done it myself.

Second, is there a way to give him access to only certain websites, I doubt it, but figured I'd ask & I'd have to do it for both FF & IE b/c he has both on his computer.

Third, can I give him access to only Word or hotmail?

I don't want to have to go downstairs every time he wants to access the computer, but at this point I guess I don't have a choice, his addication is causing major problems.

Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.

Thanks a ton


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Password protecting the whole computer is easy.
There are a few options, you can do it within windows, or in the BIOS
Most BIOS has an option where you can set a 'power on password' To access the BIOS, it's usually F12,F2,DEL, Ctrl+Alt+Esc from bootmenu.

He would then not be boot the computer without entering the password. There are ways around this, but it'd require taking the computer apart with a screwdriver and removing the battery!

There are programs out there which create software policies, stuff like that.. to restrict the applications users can run. It's can get pretty complicated, so if the problem is that bad, get an IT tech around and tell him exactly what you want, and they'll be able to do it for you.

That may not be necessary though, a simple power-on password may just do the trick. There are also programs out there, which shut off intenret connection at certain times, for example, you'd be able to ban all access between the hours of 10pm - 9am on a weekday. Once again, there are ways around that too, depends on how smart he is..

Hope this helps .


delete his game, password him into a limited user account; with no administration rights he'd not be able to install most games.
There is no way you can give him access to hotmail and not a browser, cos the browser is needed for that. To restrict to only certain websites.. well ud have to buy software and it would drive you nuts. Sometimes you must trust them. Course, the best/easiest way is to put the puter in a public place where others stroll by all the time. No way will he then have interestin pics up for his ma or da to glimpse!


One more effective (but slightly complex) way to ban certain websites is to modify the hosts file.

Open the file "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts" in notepad. Now, suppose you want to ban www.samplesite.com, just type in the following at the end of the file www.samplesite.com

You can block as many sites as you want with this method. the only way around this would be to modify the hosts file again. To prevent that, set up a limited user account for your son and use NTFS access permissions to deny his account access to the Windows directory. This isn't a foolproof method, but it should get you started.


do you have to disable the DNS Client Service to get xp to read the hosts file before going off to look up an IP?


do you have to disable the DNS Client Service to get xp to read the hosts file before going off to look up an IP?

The hosts file is always read, and is always refered to, before a DNS server lookup. Technically, what really happens is that the contents of the hosts files are read (preloaded) into the local DNS client resolver cache; it is the local DNS resolver cache that actually gets queried (before the request is sent to a DNS server). Since the resolver cache may hold other (valid) cached DNS URL->IP address mappings, it's probably a good idea to delete the existing contents of the cache before you start restricting sites via IP/URL blocking. Open a DOS box, type the following command at the prompt, and then hit Enter:

ipconfig /flushdns


In terms of the problem at hand- I hate to say this, but I think it needs to be said:

Throwing technology at the problem of a child's computer misuseage/overusage doesn't really solve anything. The issue of your son's computer usage is, to a large degree, behavioral, and a true solution needs to be of like kind.


I do agree with the last post...
DMR, thanks for the hosts/DNS Client enlightenment.... Now.. have i got this right..?
If i wanted to restrict IE [any browser] to only a limited few sites, could i then simply place them in hosts, flush the DNS cache and disable DNS Client Service [set it to manual, or just stop it]?


If i wanted to restrict IE [any browser] to only a limited few sites, could i then simply place them in hosts, flush the DNS cache and disable DNS Client Service

Technically, yes- I think that would work, although I haven't actually tried it. (I'd set the DNS client service to "Disabled" just to make sure it never gets activated). It's a pretty brute-force "solution", but if you're only planning to grant access to a small number of websites (via hosts file entries), it would be manageable. Of course, you're right about just plugging raw IP addresses into the browser- that would obviously defeat the blocking.


Another solution, harsh but worth it, is to move his computer to a place where you can easily see it, for instance, your room. It might be a hassle to watch him every second he is on the computer, but if thats what it comes down to.

What game does he play, if you don't mind me asking?


I'll just restrict the user's account for now.

Unfortunately he has a limited imagination to play & have multiple hobbies, as do sooooo many kids these days.

He never used to be addicted until he came across this game (Maple Story) & now he IMs w/ his 1/2 brother & friends instead of just talking on the phone like we used to. In fact b4 I couldn't even get him to go on to the bloody thing.

No I can't have him in my office, I'm busy working & I can't have distractions.

No offense taken, I know it's an emotional issue, but I'm unable to just "solve" his anti social problems & little did I know that he would be sooo much more comfortable socializing online than in person, but hey, so do millions of other scared fear based humans who are double & triple his age.

Anyone wish to change their behaviour too LOL It's an unfortunate foreshadowing & even current reality. Pretty soon no one will see eachother anymore, they will be married thru the bloody computer & I happen to be a nettie & an nentrepreneur, but understand more & more how crucial it is that we need real live human interaction.

Thanks a ton

Michelle :)


i'm afraid the phone is passe; future generations will have an oversized thumb for texting and no capability for speech. Meanwhile, introduce him to girls. It really works!

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