My normal programming haunt is CBoard, but it is down at the moment and so I decided I should sign up here and check this place out since I have heard good things about Daniweb.

I took the servey thing from above and it is pasted below.

Name: Christopher
Nickname: Chris, Wraith(gaming)
Height: 6'
Weight: 240ish
Hair: long (for a guy) brown
Eyes: Hazel
Location: Portland, OR, USA
Age: 19
Hobbies: Coding, Reading, Surfing the web.

Relationship Status: Been with my girlfriend for a little over 2 years.

Education: A couple college classes, but I am having a hard time with taking it seriously.

Work: Currently working in a stockroom saving for more classes.

Fav Music: Power Metal.

Favorite Food: Pad Thai, very hot, with Peanut sauce.

Favorite Movies: SLC Punk, American History X

Favorite TV Shows: Good Eats, Bleach(Anime, I get the subbed stuff)

Favorite Video Games: Final Fantasy line

Stuff you Dislike: People who don't work to look something up before asking a question.

Languages of Choice: C++, Perl, Java (I know more but those are my favorites)

Feel free to ask any questions.

Hey there Christopher aka Wraith, welcome to Daniweb :D

Ah finally a Bleach fan on Daniweb.....;)

Excellent intro. Welcome to Dani Web :)

Hi Christopher, welcome to DaniWeb and here's hoping you stick around for a while if you like what you see here.