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What is this world coming too??? as a father of two I am absolutely flabergasted! My children take a packed lunch and that costs far less than £3.50 per day, and I certainly wouldn't give up work no matter how many members of my family passed on I owe it to my children to support them I bought them into the world. The parent and teacher in this situation need to use there loaf! not feed it to the poor innocent child!!!


Another lovely example of what the world has come to. It does not really suprise me-- but it should. 3.50 pounds -vs- a child eating properly? I do realize that a noted policy in regards to the payment for the dinner existed and for a reason, but come on. :evil: If it was a daily\weekly issue with this girl the school could deal with it appropriately via the parents, not through the child. I like to think events like these are anomalies. I guess dry bread, water, and an old bananna qualifies as a meal and is better than nothing. :rolleyes:

Matty D.


when i was in primary school if you were last because you were in door duty you got a slice of bread and butter :(


when i was in primary school if you were last because you were in door duty you got a slice of bread and butter :(

That's sad and a bit odd; I would think the child doing something such as door duty or otherwise would be "rewarded" and not just with a slice of buttered bread. Was your door duty a sort of punishment at your school or was it a volunteer job? (I'll admit, I'm not exactly sure what "door duty" is, but it could be like "hallway monitor" in my country)



you had to voluenterer (therefore it wasnt really voluntary at all) but if they ran out of food you got a slice of bread and butter (upside was that you got seconds if there was too much) - this doesnt happpen nowadays i dont think as my mum works in a school and there they count the number of pupils eating school lunches and do not issue seconds

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funny stuff ;)

Kid should be glad to get anything.


Ah, yes, the dear child should be glad to get anything. :confused: Heartless.


well said Rashakil. Next they're going to demand their kids get free meals at posh restaurants each day...


Next they're going to demand their kids get free meals at posh restaurants each day...

Yes, that will surely happen. :rolleyes: Your politics reach all sorts of amazing levels. :lol::confused:

  • Fact: The school had a policy defined beforehand, which stated that money had to be provided before a student got lunch.
  • Fact: The girl failed to provide the money.
  • Fact: The people serving at the cafeteria were jerks.
  • Fact: The girl should be happy to have anything at all

I see this as a silly reason to make a news story. If the girl really depended on food, she should have brought her own lunch, regardless of whether the cafeteria staff were jerks.


Ahh newspapers, whipping the world into a frenzy over very little.

Why is this such a big deal? Now if they didn't give her anything I could understand a little fuss, but they gave her food! What do the public want? Pupils to be fed 5* meals everyday? Do they jack!

You think it's an outrage what happened? Then abolish kids having to pay for the dinners, accept a hefty tax rise to cover the costs, and get on with life. Don't like the idea of the higher taxes? Shut up and quit moaning then. Simple :)

At the end of the day the food costs money, and schools don't exactly have a massive budget for this, especially since Jamie Oliver stuck his nose into affairs.

Kids are far to spoilt in this day and age. If children have to struggle a little then the world is up in arms! Getting rid of the 11+ exam because of stress etc to kids? What the heck are they on about, how do they think other exams in their lives are going to go? Children need to realise that they may have to work hard, struggle and not get everything they want. Discipline is key.

Please excuse any spelling mistakes, typing this in a major rush!


they call any test an exam now...

there are calls to abolish failing grades because it's "bad for the morale of the kids", instead to tell them they "almost passed" or something like that.


oh yeah and whoever said A levels are too easy is an idiot. im sitting them now and i assure you they are not

when people say oh yeah its too easy as 97% of people pass. Thats as a Fail (F) is under 40% but in reality the amount of people getting good crades (D or over) is still the same as it always was, around 60%


And WHY do kids get such lousy grades? Because they don't try and don't care. Seriously, they can get a decent grade for actually trying. Homework is basically free marks. So then do it. Instead, the kids "forget" the homework, or they're "busy", and then they wonder why they fail (or very nearly fail).

North America schools are actually quite easy compared to the rest of the world (e.g. China).


if you don't do your homework you are not going to learn the stuff you need to know during your tests well enough to pass them.

Whether homework is taken directly into account or not I think depends on the teacher (or school), it did when I went to school with some teachers giving negative marks for not doing your homework, others just being stricter on grading your tests if you didn't do your homework.

If you're too lazy to do your homework, you should pay the price. And that price is generally a lower grade on your tests because you don't know your stuff.
If kids that don't do their homework still pass their tests there's usually something wrong with those tests.


It also depends largely on the course. Many times a bright kid can learn enough from class time that homework is not necessary in order for him/her to pass the test.

But it's generally the average-dumb kids that fail, and those are the kids that should be doing their homework. Not only does homework count for lots of marks (some courses it can be weighted equally to tests and quizzes), but it helps you learn better.

And the whole point of grades is to make kids try harder to learn the material better. If there were no grades, as some people are encouraging to happen, kids wouldn't try at all, and we'd have an even dumber generation of kids than we already have.


That's supposed to be hard? That's not hard; that's mindless regurgitation. That exam doesn't even involve any thinking.


yeah but i think school today is too hard

I beg to differ for the reasons already mentioned.

Im doing computer science and we have to put up with stuff like this:

Haha, that's not hard. I especially got a kick out the last page, where it says "There are no questions on this page". It's probably just a way of showing the that's the end of the exam, but still... I don't think the people who wrote that exam were very bright. :rolleyes:


Oh come on, give him a break. After all he is way younger than those who think that those questions are stupid...

But agreed, they are easy ones. I have seen worse... ;)

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