Looking around some of the other posts so far it looks like I might be a little older than most of you... Im 49 year old male. :o but thats ok...
I am here to learn about website promotion and such.
I love music, mostly folk, traditional country, old rock and roll stuff. I run a website, designed and am now promoting it. Not really out of choice,... its my fathers and he needed one so I did all of this for him.
He is in his 70's and didnt know beans about it, so I volunteered. Im disabled Vet so I have time on my hands to do such things and have some knowledge as an electronics electrician and computer programer.
Its been a lot of fun but must admit a lot of stumbling blocks on the advertising end. Promoting a traditional country music CD is not the easiest thing in the world. Aspecially when Dad doesnt want to spend any money!!!!!:rolleyes: Had to break the news on that one to him. He still dont want to give up the bucks.
Well anyway, I live in Florida on a small lake with my wife. Life is good. Private 13 acre lake, quiet as we are the only people here except for our four geese, the duck and two cats, hehehehe
The fishing is awsome, with one pound brim. Yall come see us sometime now ya hear.

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Not much older than some of us (I am 43) and a lot younger than some others.

Anyway, age isn't important, we welcome everyone to DaniWeb.

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