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Does anyone know of some good Web Site Scraping software that they can reccomend

I am a marketing consultant for a company that was trying to scrape several sites to get their pricing competitive with everyone else online. I spent a good month learning the programs out there and using them until I found one that actually worked. Not only did it work it blew me way. These guys have a great vision making the system open enough to have the data harvested and then sent back to the user via REST, FTP, or email. The client loves me as the closest competitor was $50,000/year and they did not work as well. Anyway try mozenda.com for your web scraper I think you will be very happy. I wish I had read this before spending so much time trying the other ones.

In full disclosure I have to say that I Invested in this company (Mozenda Inc.) after trying their tool.

Hope this helps,


I use Djuggler for web scraping. Works perfectly for me so far, including sites that use AJAX. Best of all you can compile the scrape scripts as standalone executables.


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