My name is Lina and I signed up by accident last month, I needed an answer on a pc problem and had to create a login to get the answer, which as I recall don't think my question was answered anyways...:rolleyes: I was short on time and couldn;t get in depth with all the forums...

Anyways, I kept on receiving in my bulk mail of my emails the Dantweb community bulletins and decided to clean it out for a change to make sure that there was no "friend mail" being recognized as junk/bulk mail. Trying to remember why I signed up for Dantweb caused me to browse around the site which seemed pretty interesting.

I started seeing little games here and there, and started posting. I found this intro section and also decided to say "mooshie" to everyone.:!:

I'm originally from Hawai'i and moved to Corpus Christi, Texas and been here for a few years. Something like home except for no mountains and clear waters, but at least I don't drive around in circles...:lol:

I do like to fix and build computers as a hobby. The fixing part is starting to fade...just got tired of fixing...dont you just hate it when you tell someone how the problem occurred and fix it, and then they just go straight to creating the problem again and want it fixed....:-|

I like to read fantasy books....I just finished an awesome series by David Eddings: The Belgariad and Mallorean. Now I started on Terry Brooks again, favorite author to begin with...yes, I am from the "Kingdom of Dorkhood".:cheesy:

Well again...mooshie to everyone....

The chapter begins...


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