The old joke: if they really knew that the stuff they were telling clients was accurate, they wouldn´t be giving advice, they would be rich...

A bit of a half-empty cup mentality, isn't it?

And yes, I am very happy with my stock picking methodology, but most importantly the returns. They have never failed, except when I did - most often when I got greedy. Most methods work. Just people get greedy.

As for rich - yes, I was, until my divorce. :twisted: Now I have to build from scratch, but I know I can because I have done it already! Being a daytrader is not a 9-to-5 job. It's more like a 7-to-7, on an easy day, and six days a week... and still have to watch the market throughout the weekend.

that´s why I don´t play anymore...

If you bought redhat at 5$, then that's good. At one point they were up to 29$ but later fell. I belive they are currently hovering around the 10-15$ range...But for SunW, that probably wasn't a good choice! I've been watching that one and never really seen it do anything special.

Yeah, but has anybody really paid any attention to Google lately, I mean for god's sake, Google just keeps (at least to me) going up more and more. See, with them its like they'll go up with hard numbers for like maybe 3-5 days straight but then there will always be that one day they just DROP big, like right now, 289.95, was their closing for today, could it be any more clearer. They only went up .51 cents and .18% but I mean seriously, that is some good investing right there.

But like I said, when they drop, you'd realize it, so I am still debating whether or not its worth the buy right now. Anybody's comments?

I wouldn't call that a good investmet right now. The IPO shares started at 85$..If you could have gotten some of that between then and now it would be good, but it's too late to start buying into google(at least I think).

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