When I use my taskmaster site and attempt to adjust the computer time to Microsoft or the nist.gov I get an error msg that the "time message was rejected because the peer stratum is less than the hosts stratum".
Any ideas? My computer is about 4 yrs old could the battery be getting low? or possibly I mistakenly removed some application or MS program from my Windows XP, Service Pack II.
I don't have any problem adjusting the time manually (which is what I do now and it seems to keep pretty good time). Thanks for your help. Fred

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thanx: I tried again 2 mins ago and got "an error occured", no reason for nist.gov. \ I wonder if my ISP has a firewall?? It doesn't seem to affect my computer operation, so I guess I'll just live with it. fred


Hi: thanks for your help. I went to the site for SP2 and it checked for needed updates, but found none needed..I keep my automatic updates open with MS. Iim going to sit tight and see if my ISP has any ideas..I did change from 56k to DSL last year and maybe they have a firewall against time changing from an outside computer. thanks for your time (no pun). fred

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