I am Fedora Core 5 32+ bit os. I am a self taught guy and currently trying to get my head around the basics of C++ programming. I am at the moment using the command prompt only, to compile and run the small programs written in C++. Just a while ago I came across this site and something caught my attention, that was nothing else but some really basic interfaces consisting of menus, buttons etc written in C++. So I downloaded some of the code which was in zip format and unzipped the whole thing in a folder. Here is the web page.

I have attached the screen shot/image (it is from my other machine which has Win xp just to show people here) to this post showing just how many different types of files the unzipped package/source code contains. I am still not used to any particular IDEs on Linux in order to be able to put all these files in one big project. So I was wondering if I keep them all in one folder as they are at the moment on my Linux machine and compile + run them from the command line/terminal itself without using any particular IDEs that work with Linux for example the Eclipse one. Thanks .....

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Usually if you're working on a project in Linux through a command line environment, you likely should be using a Makefile to build your app. If you're not going to use make and similar tools, then you probably should use an IDE for any sizeable project.

Like Infarction said, Makefiles are the way to go if you do not have/want an IDE. Personally I think IDEs are awful and a scourge to programming but thats just my opinion ;-) I usually just have a Makefile and use Emacs.

All hail GNU autotools.

What you seem to have downloaded, are headers for using menus in a program. To actually use these as a program, you would need to write a program that makes use of, and creates instances of, these headers and classes.

Then you need to compile and link it, using g++ .

Thanks for the help guys..

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