I've recently been looking at the new family of intel macs and I'm trying to convince myself that it would be a good buy:cheesy:. However, I don't really know what I should get. I want a powerfull mac, something where I can really multitask. I'm going to be doing a lot of video editing, webpage designing and music and sound editing. I know macs are perfect for this, but don't know what to buy. I guess I want a G5, but I would like a MacBook since its portable. Any suggestions? thanks.

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none macs are overpriced, everytime anyone has showed me their mac they are like look my built in camera has effects or something worthless. Unless you need something like final cut pro(which apple didnt create) or another tool that is only for Mac (ppl Adobe/Macromedia products work just as good on windows dot listen to mac ads). That is the only program that their is not like an exact windows equivalent, but sony vegas and other programs are almost at that level. They make it out like iLife is this just extra thing on your mac free of charge, but it is basically the whole cost a powerful mac is around $1,500 where I could build a pc that is ten times as powerful and but XP and Linux on it and I could be editing music, building websites, and podcasts all of which I actually do do on my pc.

Well, i'm just asking what would you buy? mac mini's are cheap, only $ 600, but i guess your right about builiding a custom mac.

you cant build custom macs thats the thing. Or im pretty sure you cant I havent seen many places that sell mac hardware.

I meant custom pc.

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