1st'ly i whould like to know whether web programming & designing are 2 diff career options? cant one pursue & become these two simultaneously?:confused:
secondly what should one know to jump into this web industry ie (what technologies like html,.net,dreamweaver etc) please give a step by step details of it.:idea:
I'm a beginner in HTML, .net so how do i proceed to make this (prog/design) as a succesful career profile.

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hot web areas at the moment are:


for java do i need to know anything other than applet/servlet part? & will only online tutorials & studing ebooks be helpful??????? thankz

yes to an extent. W3schools tutorials are excellent although a book that comes with a CD is better

php is for linux base...whats there for windows based? what do i need to know about databases regarding web evlopment?

windows is ASP.NET
linux is PHP

But you should bear in mi nd that like 65% of all the web servers in the world run linux or unix - not windows

ok...thanks.& what about databases???

asp.net can also be run on linux just as php can be run on windows so don't let the server you have or use dictate what you learn.

Designing and programming are two VERY different things and while yes, you can pursue them both simultaneously, you will most likely find that you are better at one than the other.

i hate php, from the little experience with php message boards i have had anyway :)

other languages to know:


as for databases.. SQL.. visual Basic.. that sort of thing?

asp.net on linux is a pain

Try reading up on the different standards of HTML, as well as Web 2.0. Different companies want different standards. Again, W3Schools has a guide on just about everything you will ever want to study.

Im quite proficiant(sp?) in HTML and CSS now, and am about to start a computing course at uni to further my knowledge and go down the web design route.

Currently reading up on ASP at the moment, from W3Schools, and its very easy to follow. Good luck!

ASP classic or ASP.NET?

does one really get professional/practical knowledge from these online tutorials sites or just by reading books????????

I wouldnt say anyone gets professional / practical knowledge JUST from the online tutorials and reading books, but with reading, and then trying out what you've learnt you do learn quite a bit.

Everything I've learnt about web design has been from online tutorials / books / "friends in the know". And after reading etc, I have put what i've read into actual web pages and learnt from doing this, not just reading. Of course, you will make mistakes and you can also learn from them.

I'm hoping to learn even more as of this september at Oxford Uni, studying Multimedia / Computing.

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