How could i know if how many unique hits or how many visitors for certaing period of time for a website?

Is their ranking for website?how?where i could get the information?:?:

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you could count the users depending on the ip
you could find the users ip in $_SERVER array (php)


Yes. you're looking to grab and STORE the IP Address of the client that's viewing the website.
This can be found at $_SERVER in the PHP language.

You're looking to have some kind of database to store all the previous IP's that have been entered, so you know if they've been to it or not (by referring back to the database each time).


There is also the cookie way. Set a cookie, count how many times the cookie is not present.

This will find the unique hits when multiple people are coming from the same IP. This is prone to false positives due to cookie cleaning software.


They're both Server-Side languages, either will do. I just prefer PHP because it's open source :)

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