I have to replace a computer in a computer lab. Which would you go with:

Computer 1:

Has Windows98
Belonged to another teacher who has programs on it
has no porblems getting on the netwoek or on on the Internet

Computer 2:
Has Windows98 SE
Missing drivers:
Has no problem connecting to network or Internet
It was a computer that I had laying about.

So, which one would you pick? The first or second?

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Well... do you mean one of those machines is going to be replaced, or it's a box that you're going to replace the machine with?

Heck, either one of those would probably run just fine if you did an OS reinstall on it. Pick either one of those, reformat the hard drive, and reinstall Windows on it. Or heck, what's wrong with the old computer? Might an OS reinstall solve the problems on that one?

Old COmputer being replaced. I tried INstalling W2k On it and it didn't like it. So I have to replace it. But seeing as how I have Win98 SE on it now, it is just as happy as can be.

Later Days

I'd still just reinstall Windows on them both. They don't sound like any hardware's broken on them-- why get rid of them? I almost guarantee that if you reinstall 98, both of those machines will be running like new...

computer 1

Wow Duki, congrats on digging up a 3 year old thread. Please look at the date next time :icon_wink:

well you never know. they could come back.

haha.. I doubt it.. 3 years later? Besides, that information doesn't mean jack.. it isn't all about the OS.

I would get computer #2

You can always search for the drivers and add them later :)

meh, i thought to myself.... if someone is really considering win98 in 2004... they probably can't do anything like reformat or install drivers. Thus, I chose computer 1, as they probably just need something that is fully functional.

Win98 is awesome!!! (98se is even better)

I beg to differ..


hah.. I like XP better.. My favorite Windows operating system.

XP was pretty good. Vista's not been bad for me yet either. Certainly an improvement over 98 and ME... :icon_wink:

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