Just wondering what you all consider a good (or acceptable) daily Unique visitor rate to your site to be?


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It's difficult to provide even a ball park figure of an exact number.

An "acceptable" daily average would depend on a number of points but would not be limited to:

1. The number of individuals/organizations with websites who share similar content.
2. The number of searches that pertain to your site's content which are generated on a daily basis.

You would likely have to perform some in-depth keyword analysis to come to such a figure.

The number of unique visitors is relative. If you’re selling a $10,000 item then perhaps all you need is 1 unique visitor per day. If you’re selling $1 items, then perhaps you need 10,000 unique visitors per day.

good point seotogo,

It depends on roi

Than counting on daily unique visitors, better work on ROI (Visitors turning into customers)

> What would you consider a good daily Unique visitor rate?
1,000,000 :)

I'd say having a constant growth in the web traffic trend can be more important than merely having higher numbers.

This can especially be important when you try running PPC ads on a website.

depends on the age of website as well...

The more traffic the better. It's all about the law of large numbers.

It's a very relative question. I don't sell anything and my keywords are pretty narrow. If I had a hundred in a day I would throw a party but if I was Amazon I would be confused.

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