hell no (i failed art, music and sport. When i was 14 my report was Grade 1 and said "James lacks basic motor skills" - LOL)

Do you know what 7/7 was?


7/7 = al quaeda attacks on london. Kinda like 9/11 but with less death

was just wondering because after reading the US history thread i discovered that we know loads about america but they know little about us

Do you own a pet?


Wow, I didn't even know they attacked London!
(this is true, we don't know that much about you guys. unless it includes us.)

yes, dogs. :)

do you take hard classes?


another off-topic

btw, guys back to the topic

Do you like members who's always reply with out off topic replies?

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how are they off topic? this is the yes or no posting game... =?

Sometimes they just get confused with the this or that game and this one. It's just a simple mistake, so no.

do you believe in superstitions?

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