never tried it, but seems like fun!

do you have any piercings?


Do you like painting esp. abstract?


Do you like Big macs?? (YUK)

lol, No

So you like xmas?

not especially

do you like Easter ?

No. I stay quite a far far distance from it :D :D
Do you love to see the Sun Rise early in the morning ? [ I do!!!!!!!!! ] ...

yes, if I can get up that early. :o)

do you feel alone?

yes :(

do you feel as if you achieved something in your life

does prom count?

ever had a job?

prom counts, yep. =)

yes, fast food.

ever been to NYC?


ever dream to go space?

yes (buit i never will :( )

do you think the moon landings were fake


Do you believe that noah's arc is real?


do you believe in the bible

Yes :)

Do you like Coke and Pepsi?

nope (only coke)

do you like ginger beer

Do you wish u had siblings ?


have you ever had orthodontic work on your teeth?

Were you ever kissed by a stranger ?