I'm completed MCA (Master of Computer Applications)2004.For some personel reason I's not able to work.Now I would like to start my IT career.

How should I get a job.without experience who'll give me a job.Then what should i do to get a job.

Is certification might help me to get a job

pls give me some suggestions

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If you've got the skills then you'll get a job eventually. Keep trying, be dilligent, and don't give up.

Good luck.

I would suggest getting some more training.

If you don't have experience, I'm sorry to say but no employer is going to hire you.

Most IT jobs are never advertised. One place to look is a head hunter who charges the company not the prospective employee. You will probably have to get an entry-level job but with your education you should advance in your career faster then others with only a BA/BS or no degree at all. Don't expect to get rich quick, accept most any job for which you are qualified just to get your foot into the door.

I would suggest getting some more training.

If you don't have experience, I'm sorry to say but no employer is going to hire you.

what training I've to do to get a job?Please help me to select the training programs


I was in a similiar siituation to you - I took about a year and a half off before starting my career and then found it very defficult to get a job (see my thread 'Java Certified Developer').

Unfortunately you will find it very difficult to get a 'decent' job straight away. My advice is to work very hard to seperate yourself from the rest of the 100's of other applicants - maybe you can turn your personal experiences into a positive?, in my case I had worked on helpdesk for a couple of months and then did some landscaping and coordinated renovations to my parents house - I used this to demonstrate my communication and managment skills and my adaptability.

My other piece of advice - is to get a help-desk job while you look. This demonstrates your communication skills which alot of emplyers are looking for. Its pretty standard for a graduate to have help desk experience.

And lastly dont wait for the perfect job, unfortunately you wont find it - find a company you like and get a job at the entry level and work your way up eventually your skills will be recognised and youll be able to apply for another job or tailor your position to doing what your interested in.

As for the extra training, Im stil trying to figure that out mself.. I think if your doing development you should do some sort of certification to prove that your skills are still current (3 years is a long time in I.T) and if possible pick up some small contracts to demonstrate your skills such as websites/applications for personal use or for family or friends.

Good luck.


Here's what i had to do man. I had to work outside the field for a while then open my own IT busniess. You might have to find something not paying as much as you want to just to get the experience then branch out.

i would suggest one of two ways(sorry if this has already been posted, i havent read them all lol)

now to start my it career i had to take training from a training provider, now in some cases goverment will fund this kind of thing but sometimes they dont, after two years of my training corse i had employers wanting to take me on as a 'hot prospect' even though i still had a year of training left, now i turned these employers down simply for the fact that i wouldnt be used as 'cheap labour' now the laws in what employers must pay their staff has increased so this is a good option, but i finished my training and then went to the companies i wanted, i had the papers so there was no problem.
now my brother on the other hand, he could not get goverment funding for his training so i would help him with what i could and he went and bought books, he even resorted to corrupting his hardware just to see if he could fix it, not a very smart idea but i have to say it does pay off if you stick at it, after 6-8 months of plodding along i suggested him to some family friends who ran a computer store, he worked there for a few weeks, then was advised to try for a nother job at a nother computer store, he did and he went on working at various computer stores for small periods learning as much as he could and building a portfolio of references, he did that for about two years in total before he had enough knowledge to approach a decent company, now he works for insight which is a big company in the uk and other parts of the world and he has no qualifacations, so those are my two suggestions on how to start your i t career, hope you like:)