Hello Everyone :cheesy:

I was looking at this 2 sites:
AnHosting.com and

What do u ppl think is the best option ?

I am supossed to make this web site and i need storage&bandwidth for mp3 transfer.. i suposse there is going to be good traffic to my site, and perhaps soon i'll implement a database.

Hope to hear soon from you guyz. Thanx

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What are your hosting requirements?

Well basically... I think Storage and Bandwidth (no numbers tho, as more as better) mmm if there is a Free-Life domain also, would be awesome, emails would be cool,,, what i really need is frontpage, javascript and DHTML conpatibily which i heard is enabled for both servers and both O.S linux and windows.

The majority of host can accommodate you with support for javascripts, DHTML and frontpage support

ok then.... which one of this options you think is better ??? just watching what they offer... ???

We are providing web hosting services with high data transfer rates what you need.

you can visit the following links for hosting the website as per your requirements.


Hi Need a cheap UK host please! Any help?

Hi Need a cheap UK host please! Any help?

Check here in their Freebies forum. That site might have what you are looking for.

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