Hi everyone

Ive got this small site set up and before I register a domain name for it and make it known I want to add some more pages to it but i don't know what to add. Can you please look at the site and tell me what other pages I should add. http://www.praytotherock.co.nr
Also if you find anything wrong please do not hesitate to inform me.

Many thanks

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i'd concentrate more on that style if i were you, it looks very bland atm, rock climbing is a beautiful sport and you might want to make a nice banner and add some scenic images to the page to convey that message.
i particularly cringed at those lines around everything,
as for the content and your question, it looks good, you shouldn't worry about it yet, necesity will bring you idea's for more content. just remember to take loads of pictures when your at your next summit and ask in your forum for other climbers to do the same. but watch that first step, it looks a long way down hehe ;)

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