i just got a dell precision 390 and put a Geforce 7950GT in it for my gaming needs. sometimes after leaving the computer idle for like 12 hours i'll come back and my monitor will just show a sort of static but not quite as scrambled, with a lavender color to it. I can't get back to my desktop or anything but after pressing the power button the static stuff goes away and i see a blue scree (like the logoff screen) with no text before it reboots.

I have my tower in an office desk. could it be overheating and causing this? Anyone have any other suggestions i should try?

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Sounds a little like a problem in the computer labs at school. Don't know what causes it, though some people claim it's the monitors. I'm not advocating splurging on a new monitor, but if you have a spare laying around you might try it...


Did any of you guys find the problem to this? I work in a Sixth Form College (UK) and we have hundreds of monoitors and it still gave the same problem... even doing windows update

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