Hey everyone,

My brothers and I have a router between 3 (soon to be 5 with mine and my mom's laptops) computers and our cable modem. The internet is constantly going out (a tech is coming tomorrow to look at it) and I'm searching for a free lan messaging system that doesn't rely on the internet. Our rooms are on completely opposite sides of the house and it can sometimes get annoying to walk all the way to their room just to ask if they have internet or if the router should be reset.

Thanks for the help guyses

You could probably set up a local Jabber server and use that

Our office techies tried many messaging tools.

Lantalk is ugly, it was hard to use it.

We prefer msn style messenger, try Google search.


etc. for example.

Here it is.. It mite look a less stylish.. But easy installation and file transferring is really cool.. To transfer files all you have to do is drag n drop on the msgr window.