Anyone know where to get information pertaining to the top performing stocks per day? For example, if I wanted to see which stocks were the top performers while the markets are still open, and which were the low performers..

Also, what about streaming quotes that are accurate, and not delayed..

AND.. where is the best place for news on the stock market? (on t.v. and the internet) MSNBC?



You'll lose money day trading. I'd almost bet on it. For news, if it makes it to MSNBC, you've missed your chance - by then everyone knows about it. There are some sites (including brokers) that provide streaming quotes, but often you'll need a subscription for that and/or other services.


Yeah.. that's what everyone keeps telling me :-/

I'm going to try to play it conservatively, and only invest $200-300 on stocks that should go up.. I looked on Motley Fool, and some stock went up 45% today! If I can hopefully analyze information from the media and company successfully, and I can learn to sell and buy at appropriate times.. then I should do okay... I know I will probably fail b/c if it was easy then everyone would be doing it :) But hey, I've already lost >$1k this year.. might as well try to earn it back quickly by day trading.


some stock went up 45% today, sure... penny stocks, most likely, that you'd be hard pressed to find before they moved. By time you get anything from the mainstream media, they'll be reporting it because it moved 45%. You won't earn your money back by jumping into this. All stocks should go up, afterall.


Yes, you WILL loose money if you rely on public sources.
ALL those sources are delayed, typically by 15 minutes or more.
So when you see a stock updating that update actually happened 15 minutes ago (or longer).

The realtime data IS available, but will cost you (and many of the public trading sites don't offer it even at a price because that price is REALLY high, think tens of thousands of dollars per exchange per year plus a fee per user using the data).

The streaming quotes too that some sites offer to paying customers are usually delayed, they're just a service for you so you don't have to hit refresh all the time.

That's how we deliver it. Regular customers get data that's 15 minutes+ delayed, special customers (who thus pay a hefty premium) get realtime data as fast as we can push it through our systems (which effectively means they have it within a few seconds of the trade happening at the exchange).

That data AFAIK is nowhere displayed on public websites, only on a few intranet and extranet sites and special trading terminals connected directly to our dataservers (and no, you're not getting an account for those ;)).

Daytrading can be fun, and you can make money if you spend a lot of time at it and get lucky, but don't try to bet on changes happening in the space of seconds or minutes as it won't work.
More realistically think of buying stocks that seem to be reaching a bottom and selling them again a few hours later if they're going up again (or cutting your losses if you were wrong and they continue to decline).

And again: always take the volume into account. If you buy 100 stocks or options your broker will get almost the same amount of money as when you buy 10.000, but if your daytrading you're not making a lot of money per trade (if any) so you may end up loosing money on a profitable trade because your broker costs you more (remember they cash in on both buy and sell trades) than the income you'd gotten from the increase in share price.


some stock went up 45% today, sure... penny stocks, most likely, that you'd be hard pressed to find before they moved. By time you get anything from the mainstream media, they'll be reporting it because it moved 45%. You won't earn your money back by jumping into this. All stocks should go up, afterall.

yeah, we had major problems with that last year. New functionality to determine fast moving stock kept picking up inconsequential penny stocks going up 5 cents on a value of 25 cents while missing major stocks going up 1 Euro on a value of 50.

We're now I think doing a lot of analysis behind the scenes to filter out those things and show only what people are really interested in (our customers being mostly major investment banks and not people lured by spammers into trading penny stock).


Okay, well today I woke up at 8:30 am, and began trading from 9-12 (had to go to work at 12). Mainly, I looked at the news prior to open, and bought some stock.. it rose to what I figured was the max, then I sold, and bought another stock..All in all, I traded 3 stocks, and profited $87 today. (That $7 commission killed me) Scottrade, the broker firm I go through, offers up-to-date steaming quotes, and really awesome statistical data.

Basically, I just looked throuh the NYSE, Nasdaq, and AMEX for stocks that appeared to be rising at a constant slope.. I never bought anything that appeared sinusoidal or inconsistent.. I would buy based on the current velocity of the stock, and a bit of info from MSNBC and online sources (you were right, this information lagged behind the stocks..), and I would set a sell order for 5% below what I bought it for.. I would wait until an inflection point (where the graph begins to slow its current slope), or what appeared to be a maximum point on the curve and sell.. Mind you, the curves are not exact mathematical functions.. piecewise functions if anything.. but I don't think I did too bad for 3 hours (beginners luck today, I guess). I will have all day tomorrow to see what I can do.. :)


My name is Chuck. I've spent 400+ hours working on an Excel program to do all sorts of neat things with the stock market. My program has a webpage.


Anyway, you create buy/sell rules and the program evaluates a single or multiple stocks against historical data.

Anyway, I'm using it to buy and sell virtual stocks on investipedia in addition to a small scottrade investment.

I've got a 23 page PDF for the walkthrough. The point of the program is the user defines calculations...buy and sell rules...and then the program performs an evaluation and suggests buy, hold, sell, etc. It beats looking at hundreds of charts. =)

I think the user defined buy and sells rules sets this app apart from the countless others out there. Anyway it's all free...just looking for a few beta testers.

One thing is for European users they need to change regional settings to US. Sorry for that.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. The program works on Excel97 and up. I'm now working on an enhanced version in c++ and Win32 programming.

Chuck Bolin

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Sweet :)

Awesome, man! I will definitely be a beta tester for you :)

Anyone have any other day trading tips? I'm obviously a noob, and I simply did what came natural.. I'd like to have a look at a tutorial or day trading techniques..


Not that I've done day trading before, but be careful during Amateur Hour(TM). It's called that for a reason. Aside from that, some people have systems which depend very much on short term candlestick patterns. You might give that a shot... I do, of course, recommend practicing with a virtual trading account before using a new system with real money...


damn. look at that graph! Up 25 F'n percent already! Could it get any better?! :):) :)


Why is this thread still open?

On another note does anyone do those virtual stock exchange things? I can't remember the URL to the site I'm on about, but a friend of mine mentioned it.

Might be a good guide to seeing how successful ye might be ... maybe


My broker has one; I'd guess most others do as well. I think it's a fairly popular tool for testing out new strategies these days.