File Sharing site Kazza is now to become a legal downloading service after a lot of legal battles. The company will also be paying $100mill to the record industry. Over the past year 20 million music songs have been downloaded illegally and many company's are losing a lot of money selling music disks because people just download them for free. Napster another music sharing company has become legal to. Mark Mulligan, an analyst with Jupiter Research said the amount of damages that Kazaa are willing to pay demonstrates how big the service had become. "$100m is half of the legitimate music downloads market in Europe," he said. The Kazza software has been download around 239 million times.

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where's this information come from? Don't mind if I check the source for myself. ;)

I think that what Kazaa stood for was against some law somewhere, and of course that aspect of it needs to be addressed, but as one who has actually touched into the music business, I can assure you that no one, absolutely NO ONE, lost any money. Companies and artists might not have earned as much as they would have otherwise, but lost money? Not a cent.
Even people on the very low end of the totem pole make incredible amounts of money in the music business.
So, from the standpoint of Law, I have to agree with things like this, but I don't feel an ounce of sorrow for some artist who earns $3 million a year in royalties and points instead of $4 million. Again, the Law gives them the right to that $4 million and they should have it, but only because of the law, not them simpering over their greed.

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