I really don't know what to do i have run virus checkers and spy sweeper also i have run c cleaner yet if i run 3d benchamrk no problems i am running 2.5 gig ram 300 gig HD 256 meg card and amd 3200+ please has anyone seen this problem before as i really dont know where to start now had thought it might be a power supply problem but after pinching my brothers to try it same result. any assistance would be great....

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Have you tried uninstalling the game then reinstall?

When you do this also go to Start - Run type regedit and then click edit - find and search registry for the game and delete any entries.

also go to you video card manufacturer and download the latest driver.uninstall the one in it through safe mode by hitting F8 as it boots.go to control panel - system - hardware - device manager - display adaptors.

What games are you playing?

Maybe its overeating?

Also get the newest patches for your games (i like battlefield 2 but before the newest one it would crash to desktop ALOT )

Thanks for your quick replies but i should point out that the games in question are counter strike and homeworld 2. I dont seem to get any probs for about 20 mins then it stars first every few mins progressing to every few seconds. It has been sugested that the amd could be the problem (over heating). As far as new patches are concerned that was a formality done a week ago when this problem first raised its ugly head. sorry to stretch your brains any further but any other ideas. all fans are running. many thanks for your help

The newest AMDs doesn't get as hot but the ones older than 2 years gets hot easy.

how about reinstalling windows ([blatant linux plug] or how about installing linux? [/blatant linux plug])

he likes games. Games dont like linux

On my linux box, I have America's Army, UT2004, tremulous, sauerbraten, acton cubers, and nexiuz. On wine I am running Warcraft III and WoW. I heard you can run battlefield 2142 and battlefield 2 with wine.

Ive tried running batttlefield2 under Wine. Its unplayable

like it doesn't work?

the menu is screwed and performance is terrible. you also cant play on ranked servers as PunkBuster detects that something is up

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