I have recently started burning dvds, but ever time i do so nero 7 says that the dvd was burned succesfully. But when I watch the dvd it plays fine till it gets like 1/2 way through and it stops like its only burning half the movie but nero says it done completly. Its driving me nutz man. Could it be the drive speed or something else like a setting.

Thanks for your inout MarcusP

Have you tried using another burning software....such as 'Easy CD creator or windows media player?' By the way who is the manufacturer of your burner drive?

I have had similar problems with Nero in the past and am now a convert to Cyberlink!

Another thing to consider may be that the image of the dvd might be flawed to begin with, so it may not even matter what burning software or write speed you use, the problem might still remain.

that might happen sometimes if you download an ISO image from a torrent...

Check that the DVD you are trying to burn is not dual layer. If you have ever bought DVDs from the places like indonesia often some of them will have this same problem. The other thing you might like to try is copy the files off the disc VIDEO.TS and AUDIO.TS i think their called and copy them to a location on your hard drive and burn the files to a blank DVD there. This way nero will at least tell you if the data will fit on the disc you are using.