My results were quite interesting :)

It was interesting alright. I think those personality tests are cool, but I'm not sure what only four questions can tell ... I mean, and this may not be completely revavent here, some people do those tests with the intent to forge an answer according to what they want to hear and that mask is easy to maintain for four short questions ... Still interesting. The colour - person thing was interesting in two cases and completely off for the other ones for me.

Great it got my personality completely wrong.

Just another pitiful attempt at measuring the depths of the oceans from watching the waves on the shore IMO.

Thats the definition of a test.

>> Thats the definition of a test.
Depends who sets it.
I know they're slightly separated but in some exams in university some profs simply reuse their last few exams and the students, being students who by definition (only kidding), are lazy, only learn off the last few years of exam papers. However other lecturers prefer to make up unique papers for every exam.
It depends much on the quiz-master, Sturm. But in most cases you are probably right.

that music was farking annoying.

Apprently I think sex is yuck because i don't like coffee.... :D

Though Horse being bottom of the list was spot on.

Also i've done that before.. different site.

does anyone mind if i say that this is BS?

i too think that sex is yuk because i dont drink coffee. and get this. i hate dogs and like the ocean. so i hate my personality but love my life.

and i wished for reincarnation with the same body and mind that i wa born with(i am atheist but...). or at least similar DNA as i had in this life. what was i supposed to do to make it come true again?

send the test on to other people, or you'll be CURSED 4EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean, ahave a nice day. :)