Hey everyone!

I wanted to know what all the firefox users out there, think are the best extentions and themes

feel free to post your opinions!


personaly, i think that google toolbar is the best extention because it has some pretty cool features for example:

Spell check, autofill (forms), pagerank (importance of page), bookmarks, google search bar and many more!

Currently using Adblock Plus, Cookiesafe, Googlebar, and Research Word. I like all of them.

IE7 is the best extension :)

Ugh - I won't touch that with a ten foot pole. :P

The best extension is the Google toolbar, with its features like... reporting every site you visit to Google, wasting screen space, ...

Considering that Firefox already has spell check, a search bar, and autofill, I'd say... sigh.

Adblock is the best extension, of course.

The google toolbar used to be nice, but it's now been pretty much included in the browser.

Extensions I like: the British dictionary, google images relinker, IE tab, stumbleupon,web developer.

The extension Skype installs occasionally comes in handy.

Should really get Adblock... :P