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I am lit bit confused to select the best open source for Alerts. Our company requires a proactive notification about computer hardware issues via monitoring of the processor, hard disk space, memory, etc. I heard that Paragent.com is the best for it. Any opinions about this would be great.

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Hello bmora
Alerts provide good service by reminding you for firewalls, for update and all. Paragent what you had mentioned is good for that. I checked that and found good for my software piracy and knows someone is accessing my computer.Anyways thanks for the information.

if those are brand name servers, the best way to go is to use their specific SNMP software.

Dell provides ITAssistant and OpenManage for that.

Another software to use is Nagios - free and very extensive

Can you be a little more specific when you say "alerts"? What kind of alerts? What platform are you using? Alerts triggered by syslog/Windows Event entries? Are you using SNMP?

If you're talking about doing actual network monitoring, the list is quite large. My personal favorites are Nagios (www.nagios.org), OSSEC-HIDS (www.ossec.net), syslog-ng, and custom-written shell scripts.

What platforms are the systems you want to monitor? Do you have a centralized logging system already in place? What's your policy for log retention? Do you want real-time e-mail alerting or exception reporting? How do you plan to archive the alerts? Do you want a tracking system to monitor response times for all alerts sent out?

If you can provide some details, I can give you a more detailed response when it comes to what to use and how to set the whole thing up.

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Thanks for your time.I searched for the SNMP software and found that Focal point 2.1 offers a free charge. So i need to get more information about this.
Thanks for the replies.