So here's the deal; I didn't get to take the Calc teacher I wanted and I got put in a class with the only teacher who is teaching it this semester. Turns out, I haven't learned much of anything other than deffinitions. I don't doubt I could pass the class, but I would like to learn something out of it as well (and I would like to no lower my GPA). Turns out, the prof I wanted is teaching next semester. So I got it approved by the dean of COSC to allow me to drop the class and pick up an independant study course where I basically teach myself and report progress to an instructor and get credit hours for it. I need to pick up a class because there's a chance I could lose scholarships if I'm not carrying enough credits.


What would you guys suggest I do for my study? I thought about doing something certification based. Right now I'm looking at Certified Associate of Project Management (CAPM). I chose this because I know most lower-end certificiation (i.e., CompTIA) don't count for much in the big jobs, and certs such as the CCNP or MCSA require more than one certification, which means more than one semester of study. I also figure being a certified project manager will look nice on a resume.
But I also considered doing something on new technology, or just technology I'm not familiar with. Something like virtualization, SANs, or disaster recovery strategies.

This is my question to all of you: What would you suggest taking? Or even, what would you find interesting as an independant study? Do you think I'm headed in the right direction with CAPM?

Thanks for the ideas guys!