Hi all. A few months ago I posted on this forum asking for help with stuff, and later asking for help about building my first PC. I haven't been on for ages, but thank you for the great response I received to my questions :) I have built my rig, for those of you who are interested I used:

ASUS P5B-Deluxe WiFi Ap Motherboard
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
BFG Nvidia Geforce 8800GTS 640MB
2GB OCZ PC6400 Platinum Revision 2 800MHz RAM
600W Enermax Noisetaker ATX 2.0
Western Digital SE16 250GB SATA-II HDD
Antec Solo Case
A Dual Layer DVD+/-RW Drive (I've forgotten which brand :P)

I'm running this on a Hanns.G HW191DP 19" Widescreen (ace budget monitor: for £150 you get 1440 by 900, an extremely bright display, a decent picture and DVI input. I use a Logitech G15 Gaming keyboard and a Razer Copperhead 2000DPI mouse.

It's a great rig, thanks for all your help!

Now I have some more questions :P

Firstly, what's anitroscopic filtering (it might be spelt "antroscopic")? How does it differ from bilinear/trilinear filtering? For that matter, what are bilinear and trilinear filtering?

Secondly, should I have colour filtering enabled?

Thirdly, some questions about water cooling. How difficult is it to fit? How much can I expect to pay for a decent kit? How well does it work? How large is the risk that it will rupture and screw up my rig?

Fourthly, a bunch of stuff about overclocking. How do I overclock? What sort of temperature can I risk taking my kit up to before I'm shortening its life? Is it worth overclocking?

Thanks again :D

Nice setup DemonicGoldfish noticed the 600 watt psu alot of people don't realize the importance of a psu other than giving power to turn on.with all the power pulled by components a 500w or as you a 600 is best.here is what i found on the first question.

Trilinear filtering


Bilinear filtering


Antisotropic filtering


Second question.

As far as that enable it see if it is better if not disable it.

Your Third question check this place out.


Your fourth question.

As far as overclocking you do that through BIOS they do make apps also to do this you do it with the clock speed.but seeing how you have a core 2 duo it is 2 processors in one.unlike hyperthreading just making the system think there were 2 processors.There is heat issues if you over do it and it can shorten the life or take out the cpu immediately.these new CPUs since hyperthreading don't really need the overclocking unless you just want to.that there is a judgement call on the risk you would want to take.if you do it do it a little at a time overclocking done wrong can make for a very unstable system.

Yea DemonicGoldfish I agree with Titans on the overclocking issue. If you've got a 2GB 800Mhz RAM and you're running on Core 2 Duo, (amazing specs might I add), really overclocking could be like trying to make the string on an already fine bow, finer - you could end up snapping it! Hehe seriously mate you've got a great system, enjoy it.

Thanks guys :) I wasn't really considering overclocking yet, just sort of curious about it :) Having read your responses and general stuff I don't think

A: I need to
B: It's worth the risk
C: I can be bothered to get a better heatsink.

Thanks for your help :)

I was also looking at case modding. Again, I'm not really considering it yet, just thinking lightly about it. However, I'm having problems finding sites where I can look at stuff: I found one great site, but they don't ship outside of Australia. What I'm thinking of doing is ordering another side panel from Antec and modding that, for several reasons: firstly, if I screw it up, it doesn't really matter, secondly, if in a few years time I decide I don't like it, I can just put the old side panel over the side and then the interior case mods won't mind, and thirdly, the Solo is so beautifully designed I don't want to do anything to it that I can't reverse.