My name is Charlie, nickname is Crosseyed. I'm 45, married and have two boys 14 and 12. I work as an Electrical Engineer for a small automotive solenoid valve manufacturer in Western lower Michigan. I attended Western Michigan University where I played baseball and received my BSEE in 1985.

I enjoy computers (gaming mostly), baseball (retired!! lol), coaching my sons little league team and snowmobiling, and just being a father and husband.

I have a small network at home with up to 7 computers on it at one time. Yes, seven, one for each son, my gamer, mail machine, a small server that I use to experiment with game mods (primarily COD2), two in the garage, one for music and one I use for looking for parts and diagrams for what ever I am working on. I also do a bit of administration on a COD2 server that a friend of mine rents from gameservers.

I was searching for help on what I think is a network related issue with one of my computers and I looked at Daniweb. The site is really loaded with alot of good info and everyone seems really nice. I hope I can contribute and will try to help. I would like to learn a new language as unfortunately when i was in college the PC was just becoming popular so the only languages I learned were FORTRAN and some BASIC. In fact I still write some small apps at work using an old copy of Quick Basic. Its old but it works. I find it simply amazing how far computers have advanced since the mid 80's. My first computer was a 12MHz 286 that had no hard drive!!! lol Yeah I'm old.

Anyhow thanks for welcoming me to the site.


Hi Charlie

Welcome to Daniweb.

Hope you find the site helpful.

welcome to daniweb.

Hello Crosseyed Charlie, welcome to DaniWeb.