Signed up last week while looking for info for my Latitude C610, which i bought used about a year ago. Sure is nice to have when i travel. I've lived outside San Francisco for over 6 yrs, moving here to : (1.) dig my gal from many yrs ago; (2.) get some computer skills/certs.
I'm a '51 model, tall, math-wise, fairly smart, and have spent most of my life working (yuk) in HVAC. I really wanted to change fields to IT, but at my age and payrate, it wouldn't have been wise. I did entry level decades ago. Going to TechSkills at night, I finally got A+ and MCP certifications . Around '86-87, i took a Windows 3.1 (?) class on a Tandy TRS-80 (?). I have computed ever since. Even built a PC, AMD3200, 1 GB. My grandbaby Anna is my reward for having kids. Like: funny movies, but not stupid. Love Actually had some very funny moments, esp the doorbell scene. Seinfeld surfaces in many of my conversations, Tombstone prob my fav. New age music relaxing, late '60s-late 70's rock is great. I want to live a simpler life, work in/for community, keep a large garden/field. Dislike: rude people, cell phone drivers, rap, most TV shows, W. Currently, I sell/install gas/wood fireplaces and heaters/stoves in SF. Go A's/Raiders! Hobbies: watching sports, digital photography, home network management, chair caning. Looking forward to sharing time w/y'all.